"Technological Modernism and Humanistic Education in the European School of the 2000’s"

- Terni 25 – 29 October 2000 -

The organization of this EurosÚsame Forum in Terni marks the continuation of a project called "Sesame of multimedia to open schools to Europe" - action of distance and open learning within the socrates programme -    

This Forum will bring together some forty European teachers and trainers specialised in the Communication and Multimedia Technologies who will discuss the following four topics:

    1. Reflection on the educational aspects of the use of new technologies in the European School of the 2000’s: how can technological modernism be helpful in the development of teaching practices to educate students to respect humanistic values?
    2. Comparison of the state of development in the school practice of the ICT and of multimedia in European teaching, starting from the introduction by the participants of the official action plans and of teaching training set out in their countries and of their professional experience in this field.
    3. Mutual training of participants to the use of different tools and techniques of information and communication in order to be able to use them for teaching different subjects and for the development in the classroom of practices of open and distance learning.
    4. Words, Projects and Utopia of the "new pedagogists" of the 2000’s:
    1. Preparation of a motion by which teachers undertake to support the aims of a humanistic education and declare to be ready to take on a new teaching role to face the risks and challenges implied in the generalisation of the use of ICT in the 2000’s.
    2. Utopia of the big Europe, of the cultures and of the Knowledge in the 21st century
    3. Projects of open and distance teaching, and training in which Eurosesame will take part in the year 2000-2001 :
  • WEDNESDAY 25 October 2000

    Afternoon Welcome to the participants in the 'Auditorium of the 'IPS "A. Casagrande" in Terni from 12.00 a.m.
    • Plenary session in the Auditorium of IPS "A. Casagrande" Terni 
    • Delivery of folders to participants
    • Visit to the facilities of the IPS Casagrande
    20.30 Dinner at the restaurant ……… offered by the Municipal Council of Terni 



    Thursday 26 October 2000

    • Opening of the Forum in the Sala convegni del Videocentro 
    • Introduction by the Headmaster prof. Giuseppe Metastasio of:
    • Institutions and personalities which have sponsored and supported the organisation of the Forum
    • Delegations of the several countries attending the Forum. 
    • Welcome from:
    • The President of the Region Council
    • The President of the Province Council
    • The Mayor of Terni
    • The Mayor of Amelia
    • The Mayor of Narni
    • The Provincial Director of Education
    • Robert Valette:
    • Programme of the Forum: objectives, activities and goals:
    • Mention of the Eurosesame association objectives, association made up of European teachers with the aim of :
    • Developing multimedia exchanges among students in Europe and throughout the world
    • Supporting the reasons of humanistic education
    • Training each other to the use of new technologies
    • Collaborating in experimenting and creating multimedia works
    • Starting partnerships to develop educational projects based on the practice of the new technologies in order to make young people able to travel in Europe and be open to the world to promote universal human values
    • Key-points of the activities of the Forum in Terni:
    • Study of a "motion to promote the practice of new technologies for a humanistic education in the European school of the 2000’s".
  • The Eurosesame members should express their ideas and proposals regarding the practice of new technologies according to their educational aims and teaching objectives which they have been pursuing since the beginning of their career.

    This motion should persuade other European colleagues to become members of the Association in order to create a portal on the Web which could serve as a link to nets and sites of teachers who support, with their teaching practice, the dialogue among different languages and cultures; they should lead students to use the new technologies with responsibility and awareness for supporting universal human values.

    • Plans for 2000-2001 school –year related to the use of new technologies in the different countries of participants.
    • Access to computer rooms in order to practice techniques and tools which will be experimented for the carrying out of the actions planned.
    • Collaboration work to the projects "Netd@ys 2000" - "Little Prince in Euroland" -"Europa magna" and all other projects in which Eurosesame is partner
    • Development of the transeuropean Eurosesame Association to the countries of the North, the East and central Europe and the making of a promoting group of the Association 



    • Video-conference with the Minister of Education prof. Tullio De Mauro
    11.30 Coffee-break
    • Round table session on the use of ITC in Europe
    • Introduction of the delegations of participants and short presentation of the practice of new technologies in teaching in their countries and report on their personal experience in this field (each intervention will take ╝ of an hour)
    1. Italy
  • Germany:
  • 12.30
  • Belgium:
  • 12.45
  • Spain:
  • 13.00
  • France:
  • 13.15
  • Greece
  • 13.30 Lunch at Videocentro
    • Continuation of introductions:
    1. Poland:
  • Portugal:
  • 15.00
  • Slovakia:
  • 15.15
  • Sweden:
  • 15.30
  • ………….
  • 15.45
  • ………….
  • 16.00
  • ………….
  • 16.15
  • ………….
  • 16.30
  • ………….
  • 16.45 Coffee-break
    • Projects included in the programme for the year 2000-2001
    • dott. Maria Kokkonen (EU): Le projet Netd@ys 2000
    • dott. Giuseppe Rao : ……
    • dott. Gaia Grossi (Regional Councillor): …….
    • dott. Massarelli (Provincial Councillor): ….
    • Work-groups: 
    • 1st Group: Techniques and methodology of written and video-conference
    • 2nd Group: Incomedia: European Programme of multimedia creation
    • 3rd Group: Web radio and TV broadcasting
    • 4th Group: Language games on the Internet
    • 5th Group: Creation of Web pages
    19.30 Departure for Narni
    20.30 Dinner at the restaurant ………… offered by the Municipal Council of Narni



    Friday 27 October 2000

    • Continuation: projects included in the programme in the year 2000-2001
    • Round table session on the project "Little Prince in Euroland": 
    • Introduction of the site petit-prince-euro.org and related sites
    • The briefcase of the EURO Little prince visiting the several countries of Euroland
    • The model of the CD album, final product of the project
    • ……… 
    • "Europa magna" project
  • Study of the proposals and search of partnerships in view of requests of funding to the E.U.
      • development of a programme of intercultural dialogue among young people from some fifty classes of northern, southern, eastern, western and central Europe
      • Enhancement of the richness of the languages and cultures of each country
      • search for a common heritage of symbols, myths and traditional stories
      • games for a partial multilingual competence (Tick Tack)
      • promotion among young people of the idea of a "pluralistic identity of Europe" (Edgar Morin)
      • creation of a site and CD album called "Europa magna"
    10.30 Coffee-break
    • ISFOL (Agenzia Italia): Leonardo da Vinci project
    • BDP(Agenzia Italia): Socrates II and multimedia data-bases
    12.00 Questions and queries
    13.00 Lunch at Videocentro
    • Visit to the facilities of the Videocentro
    • Optional laboratories
    • 1st Lab: Techniques and methodology of written and video-conference (at Istituto "Casagrande" computer room)
    • 2nd Lab: Incomedia: European Programme of multimedia creation (at Istituto "Casagrande" computer room)
    • 2nd Lab: Incomedia: European Programme of multimedia creation(at Liceo "Tacito" computer room)
    • 3rd Lab: Web radio and TV broadcasting (at Videocentro computer room)
    • 4th Lab: Language games on the Internet (at Istituto "Casagrande" computer room)
    19.00 Departure for Amelia
    20.30 Dinner at the restaurant offered by the Municipal Council of Amelia


    Saturday 28 October 2000

    • Round-table session on the projects of the Eurosesamefriends for the 2000’s
    • Analysis of the project for a motion of the participants with the aim of promoting in the European School of the 2000’s a practice of new technologies at the service of a humanistic education.
    • Project of creating a portal called "Europa magna" linked to a web of sites which support common educational objectives in Europe and throughout the world.
    11.00 Coffee-break
    • General meeting of the Eurosesame Association: moral and financial report
    • Replacement of the chairmanship, of the executive and of the board of directors
    • New admissions of colleagues to Eurosesame in consideration of future enlargement of the E.U.
    • Plenary session 
    13.00 Lunch at Videocentro
    • 5th Lab: Creation of web pages (at Liceo "Tacito" computer room)
    • Cultural excursion to Valnerina
    21.00 Dinner at the restaurant offered by Provincial Council of Terni


    Sunday 29 October (morning):

    • Farewell meeting: ………..